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A Collection of BETA Software : Online Tools and Desktop Utilities

Version : 1.1.0

Interactive Learning Tool for Biology and Chemistry

An interactive learning tool for biological and chemical processes. Manipulate membranes (build and snap one piece at a time), proteins, DNA, elements, ions and compounds.

Use the Auto-Membrane feature to quickly create an enclosed membrane or cytoplasm. Select only certain pieces or every piece all at once. All pieces can be copied, rotated, grouped, or deleted. Pieces can be easily grouped and copied for quick reproduction of compounds. Change background images, bind hydrogen and oxygen to form water, selectively display only certain particle types, and many other interactions including displaying the biological significance of each piece.

Interactive Grid of Squares to Colour

An online version of the classic toy with coloured pegs placed into a backlit screen to create glowing images. Never lose another peg and easily reset the matrix of colours without having to remove each peg individually.

Choose the number of squares in the grid, select a colour from the provided palette, and then start a work of art!

Technology :

Adobe Flash

Platforms :

Online (any web browser)

Four Quadrant Stop Watch

A four-way stop watch timer; originally developed for a biology research project at Western University to measure the amount of time a subject fish spent in four distinct quadrants of a tank.

Designed with dynamic CSS scaling to fit any screen, this timer was primarily used on an iPhone 4. A single click on any one timer starts the requested quadrant timer and stops all others. Overlapping quadrant arrows allow two adjacent timers to run in tandem.

Technology :

HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Platforms :

Online (any web browser), iPhone, Android, BlackBerry

Sailing Regatta Race Committee Aid

A sailing regatta race committee aid for creating, running, and tracking the start sequences (and elapsed times) for multiple dinghy fleet races.

Tracks the elapsed time of fleet races following a step-by-step race committee start sequence countdown. Fleet Timer handles multiple fleets and classes of sailboats. The program walks the race committee through a step-by-step start sequence explaining next actions with graphic signal flags and audio countdowns eliminating the need for stopwatches or timer personnel. The current regatta sequence used by Fleet Timer is "Five-Four-One" (5-4-1).

Sailboat classes recognized include: Laser Full-Rig, Laser Radial, Laser II, Wayfarer, Y-Flyer, Dart, Hobie, Open Portsmouth, Open A, and Open B.

Technology :

Adobe Flash

Platforms :

Adobe Flash Standalone Kiosk (Windows Operating Systems Only)

Screenshots  (10) :
Sailing Regatta Timer and Results Software

A sailing regatta race committee organizer. Add participant sailors, go through a step-by-step start sequence, and run races by simply clicking on a sailor's icon as they finish.

Records finishing positions and times and generates web-ready results imported into an Excel Spreadsheet.

This software was originally designed for a one-class regatta, the Grand Bend Laser Open. For multiple classes, run one instance per participating class or consider using Script Reaction's Fleet Timer.

Printable Calendar Month Generator

Quickly and easily print off any month on standard letter-sized paper: one month when the paper is in landscape orientation or two months with portrait orientation.

The application features a simple navigational GUI for fast calendar production and a standard template to ensure a consistent calendar layout each time.

This generator will print months within the current calendar year as well as months from one year before and after the date of the host computer.

Technology :

Adobe Flash

Platforms :

Adobe Flash Standalone Kiosk (Windows Operating Systems Only)

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