Script Reaction: Professional Web Design, Custom Websites, Mobile Development and Data Management in London, Ontario, Canada. PHP Programming by Kevin Biskaborn.

Data & Content Management

Professional Solutions that are Efficient+, Expandable+ and Secure+

Streamlined data systems customized to perform and excel
Quick and simple user content updates and management with Script Reaction's Admin Area
Minimal computer knowledge and experience required
Flexible and optimized database and table structures
Customized data and content management systems
Clean and organized code
Encrypted password protection for secure user sessions
Customized user access levels and content manipulation privileges
Tiered user abilities with Script Reaction's Admin Area

WordPress Sites & Templates

Modern & Responsive Web Layouts

WordPress offers rapid and attractive web site development options. Script Reaction develops for sites for WordPress, fully customized to the individual needs of each client.

As a web site and content management tool, WordPress provides clients with the ability to be in control of their own content while removing the need to understand the inner workings and code of the site.

Script Reaction has the capability to develop, expand, and maintain the functionality of WordPress sites. We can also customize the look of WordPress themes to escape the generic template appearance.

MySQL Databases

Powerful Data Management Integrated with PHP

Script Reaction deploys MySQL databases integrated with PHP to produce dynamic and advanced data systems and powerful content management tools.

MySQL is widely used across applications on the web. Combined with SQL (Structure Query Language) and PHP, MySQL databases add robust control and data storage to any application.

Regardless of the database used, Script Reaction data systems are simple and intuitive - users are never required to view or understand raw code like SQL or HTML.

Admin Area by Script Reaction

Streamlined Data Management

Admin Area is a powerful web-based data management system developed by Script Reaction enabling authorized users to quickly and effortlessly maintain databases and web site content.


Secure, password-protected user login
Personalized access and data manipulation permissions for an unlimited number of users
Rapid data management and instant data sanitization feedback


Fully customizable and can be integrated into new or existing projects
Adapted to perform and excel for the specific requirements of each project
Simple to use: requires minimal computer knowledge and experience

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